Taming a Mythical Beast: The Last Guardian and E3 2015

Remember The Last Guardian? Of course you do. We certainly do, since, y’know, PlayStation LifeStyle was the one who unleashed that now-infamous leaked trailer (back when it was still known as “Project Trico”  — but more on that in the gallery below) before Sony officially announced it.

We’ve reported on the game a lot, and this could be the year Sony finally re-introduces the more-than-long-awaited new game from Team Ico — at least, we hope they do.

We’ve endured eight years of teases, promises, and disappointments for The Last Guardian. It’s time we break it all down to see all the stuff we know and all the stuff we don’t. 

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Sony’s E3 2015 press conference later this month for a surprise re-reveal. Are you in the same boat or do you think we should stop hoping and wishing at this point?