Brave the Savage Road In Mad Max Story Trailer, New Video Shows PS4 Footage

Helping to explain the game’s story, Warner Bros and Avalanche Studios brought out a new trailer for Mad Max today, titled Savage Road, with the description adding, “Life is a Savage Road. Out here, a man with no wheels is a man with no hope.”

In the video, you’ll find Max left for dead, his cherished Interceptor stolen by the merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus, and his warboys. With the help of his sidekick and expert mechanic, Chumbucket, Max must rebuild a powerful new war machine, the Magnum Opus, to escape the deadly Wasteland.

Senior Producer John Fuller adds:

In the game, you will have much use of Chumbucket’s insider knowledge of the Wasteland and its inhabitants. As long as your paths are aligned, he will also be of great value in improving and weaponizing your Magnum Opus. He will even man the harpoon and repair your vehicle in battle when you need it.

Both Max and Chum are acutely aware that the car will require a powerful V8 engine if it is to survive in battle. In the video you will see that Max ventures into the heart of Gastown in order to compete in a race to the death. The prize — the V8 he so desperately needs. First he will have to face his enmity with Scrotus’ most feared henchman, Stank Gum, a despicable character who revels in spreading Scrotus’ terror in the most grotesque ways possible. The closer Max is driven to breaking point, the more he struggles with his sanity. (There’s a hint of that in the video, too!)

Mad Max, an open-world action adventure game set in the iconic post-apocalyptic universe, complete with original characters, storyline, and setting, is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this September 1 in North America and September 4 in Europe.

As well, Access PlayStation recently interviewed Design Director Magnus Nedfors. While they talk about various aspects of the game, PlayStation 4 gameplay footage is spliced throughout the video, beginning at :40:

Did seeing Mad Max: Fury Road make you want the game even more?

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