EA Wants to Publish More Games Like Unravel

Unravel stole many people’s hearts with its cute and heart-warming E3 2015 presentation during EA’s press conference. And while the publisher isn’t going to giving up on creating massive shooters or sport games, Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund mentioned that he wants the company to publish more games like Unravel.

For me, it’s about not necessarily where EA has been, but what we should become. I believe that we have a responsibility as game developers to push new things, whether that’s internal or external. I believe in bringing a great game to players out there when we see one and have the opportunity to sign one. We will continue to seek great ideas and great teams, whether they are internal or external. Unravel was something that crossed my desk. When I saw it, I said we had to get this.

Besides working with the Coldwood team to create Unravel, EA is also working with Hazelight, a new studio that was founded by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Söderlund mentioned that Ea treats external teams like Coldwood and Hazelight just like internal teams, and said that he wants “EA to be a company that’s associated with an Unravel, or a Hazelight, or a FIFA, or a Battlefront.”

[Source: Game Informer]