Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Feature “Seamless” Stages

Soon after the gameplay video of Kingdom Hearts 3 was revealed at E3 2015, Director Tetsuya Nomura talked to engadget about the size of the game and how the open-world gameplay will work.

When asked about the differences between Kingdom Hearts 3 and the previous Kingdom Hearts games, Nomura explained that the upcoming game will be “far bigger” than previous titles, and the stages are now “seamless.” He also explained that environments will be impacted by the player’s actions.

While the world may not be comparable to massively open-world titles, it’s far bigger than previous Kingdom Hearts titles. There’s a huge decrease in load times too. In previous games, you’d run to the end of an area and it would go dark before transitioning to the next stage — now it’s become seamless, as you can see in the trailer when Sora jumps off the mountain you’ve just battled up. The environments themselves, in KH3, things will be affected by real-time actions, a tornado spell will swirl the blades of grass surrounding it.

For more information on Kingdom Hearts 3, check out another a post that Nomura posted on the Square Enix Blog, which we wrote about here.

[Source: Engadget]