Battlefield 4 Community Map “Dragon Valley” Unveiled in Prototype Form

It’s no secret that DICE is working on a new map for Battlefield 4 with the community heavily involved. Via its Community Test Environment program, DICE has not only been able to tweak the game in line with what the community wants, but also develop a map the community’s asking for.

Today, DICE announced its Battlefield 4 Community Map Project, which is now called “Classic Map Project,” to be Dragon Valley — though only in prototype form.

Here’s the official first details as revealed by DICE developer “tiggr” over on Reddit:


For the coming two weeks, we will be focusing our efforts on the Classic Map Project (I know, I know – it’s the same freaking acronym!), so make sure you play and give us feedback! Once the two weeks is up, we will go back to focusing on the Community Map again to finish it off! 


Please make sure you give us your feedback in this thread – we will monitor it for issues and problems and we’d like to keep them in one place if possible! 


UPDATE: If you have trouble loading the map or if you have trouble loading players etc – you are probably joining with LOW video settings. Delete your Battlefield 4 CTE folder (or rename it) under documents and rejoin (set video to medium at least for now playing the Valley map)

Want to be a part of the CTE? Check out how in the video above (console users need to be a Premium member to join). You can also check out screens of this new BF4 map in the image below courtesy of the official Battlefield Twitter account.

No further details such as exact release date has been revealed just yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted once more info surfaces.

Are you looking forward to this BF4 map or would you rather they recreate other fan favorites like Arica Harbor and Grand Bazaar?

[Source: Reddit via Battlefield (Twitter)]