Shuhei Yoshida Chats With PSLS About Kickstarter and Being a Gamer

While PlayStation LifeStyle was part of a group media session with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida at this year’s E3, we were also fortunate enough to get a quick sit down chat with the person many consider to be the most vocal voice of the PlayStation brand.

In our short video interview, we ask Yoshida about being seen as a real gamer by people, and not just a corporate suit. Not only that, but we also ask him about using Kickstarter to fund games and gauge fan interest in projects. Yoshida also talks a bit about Amplitude’s development, and mentions how he donated $29 to back Shenmue 3.

While we already posted our video chat with Disney Infinity 3.0 Lead QA Zach Chrissinger, stay tuned for a few more coming up with the day and tomorrow.

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You can check out our video interview with Yoshida at last year’s E3 here