Here’s 18 Minutes of No Man’s Sky Gameplay

As part of their month-long coverage for No Man’s Sky, IGN and Hello Games Founder Sean Murray revealed an 18-minute gameplay video today, which sees Murray offering up a guided tour of one planet.

With gameplay beginning at 0:42, the video shows off a normal planet within the game and has Murray narrating the whole way through as he explores/wreaks havoc. Then, at 10:35, he takes off into space, flies around, and touches back down.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 and PC this year. A release date announcement was planned for E3 2015, but “for reasons,” it didn’t happen.

IGN didn’t say if they’d be announcing the release date this month with Hello Games, only stating:

For such a big game (in every sense of the word), very little of it has been shown and many mysteries remain. This month we’ll pull back the curtain and answer some of those questions, starting on Monday, July 6 with the longest uninterrupted look at the game yet: an 18-minute guided tour of a planet with Hello Games founder and No Man’s Sky programmer Sean Murray.

What was your favorite part of the video?

[Source: IGN]