MLB 15 The Show Simulation Picks Home Run Derby, All-Star Game Winners

With the Home Run Derby tonight and 86th Annual MLB All-Star Game tomorrow, Sony ran a simulation through MLB 15 The Show for both events.

Starting with the Home Run Derby, Albert Pujols and Todd Frazier make it to the finals, and The Show predicts Frazier winning the whole thing.

Here’s how their simulation played out:

Home Run Derby

Round 1

  • Albert Pujols (1) defeats Kris Bryant (8)
  • Todd Frazier (2) defeats Prince Fielder (7)
  • Anthony Rizzo (6) defeats Josh Donaldson (3)
  • Manny Machado (5) defeats Joc Pederson (4)

Round 2

  • Albert Pujols (1) defeats Manny Machado (5)
  • Todd Frazier (2) defeats Anthony Rizzo (6)

Round 3

  • Todd Frazier (2) defeats Albert Pujols (1)

Looking at the All-Star Game itself, MLB 15’s simulation says the National League will lead 4-0 until the 7th. Thanks to some late inning heroics, the America League ties it at 4-4. Then, in the 12th, Yadier Molina’s walk-off home run seals the victory for the NL:

Who do you think will win the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game?

[Source: PS Blog]