Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection “Targeting” 60fps, Adds New Difficulty Option

Following his preview of Uncharted 2 inside Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, PlayStation Social Media Senior Manager Sid Shuman answered a few fan questions on the PS Blog.

Asked about his comment regarding the frame-rate being “generous,” he replied, “Target of 60fps. Felt pretty much identical to The Last of Us Remastered in this regard. Super smooth.” When someone else wondered if the 1080p/60fps game was locked at 60fps, Shuman said, “Targeting 60fps, it looked dead-on in my small playthrough area.”

Elsewhere, Shuman explained that “the models, textures, and lighting are much overhauled. Much closer to [Uncharted 3].” As well, “The final version will let you swap to the now-standard L2/R2.”

To go along with the fact that there’s no online competitive multiplayer, Shuman added, “It’s just the campaign stories, so sadly no co-op.” You do receive access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End beta with the Nathan Drake Collection, though it doesn’t have a start date yet.

Finally, Shuman said he doesn’t believe any of the games in the collection will be available to purchase separately.

Kotaku also got their hands on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and were able to confirm that it won’t have dynamic difficulty, which will be combined with some balancing tweaks to improve game flow. This includes the damage dealt and given to enemies being redone for all three games. Additionally, developer Bluepoint Studios is working on a “brutal” (name TBC) difficulty mode that will offer even more of a challenge.

As well, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune will do away with motion controls when you’re crossing logs, but it will remain as an option for throwing grenades.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection launches for the PlayStation 4 on October 7 in Europe and October 9 in North America.

[Source: PS Blog, Kotaku]