Upcoming Rocket League Patch Will Reduce PS4 Fan Noise, Add Visual Optimizations and More

In the upcoming first major Rocket League patch, developer Pysonix has revealed that it will include “visual optimizations (reduces fan noise), fixes for terrible translations, and more.”

PlayStation 4 fan noise and overheating issues have been reported since the game launched earlier this month, with Psyonix saying it has affected older PS4 models. Currently, a workaround says, “Found out that when I pan the camera (right stick) to look top-down over the car, the change is INSTANT. The console calmed down and now I ain’t got no worries.”

As for when that major patch might be available, they’re “submitting to certification in the next few days, so not too long after that.” Additionally, it will launch “before DLC. Patch first (and there would probably be one or two additional before DLC as well).”

Responding to a few other questions on Twitter, Psyonix said the patch should (hopefully) fix crashing issues preventing people from playing the game and fix the Mexican flag colors being inverted.

Available a little further down the road will be spectator mode, along with a feature to invite friends from PS4 to play with PC players.

Finally, if you own Blacklight: Retribution on PS4, a recent patch added a new Rocket League-themed helmet and weapon.

If you’ve yet to download Rocket League, it’s free to PlayStation Plus members through August 3.

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