Psyonix Apologizing for Rocket League Server Issues With Free DLC, New Patch Coming This Week (Update)


Here’s the latest on Rocket League today, July 15:

12:17 PM PT: We’re doing a rolling server restart as part of behind-the-scenes maintenance, so if you see any hiccups, that’ why!

12:39 PM — Rolling restart wasn’t thorough enough. Now doing a FULL server restart. Expect a short downtime during the reboot.

NOTE: Current Server Reboot to include several Fixes. Nothing that sounds sexy outside of the tech world, but they’re good ones.

12:57 PM PT: MP Servers currently in extended downtime to implement multiple behind-the-scenes updates. Apologies for the wait.

Original Story:

Not reporting any Rocket League server issues so far today, the game’s Twitter account revealed one of the items developer Psyonix plans to give away for free as a result of the problems since launch – Skull Wheels, which are currently unnamed and undated.

In other Rocket League news, Psyonix announced that more than two million people have downloaded the game on PlayStation 4 and PC, with the majority likely coming through PlayStation Plus. As well, there will be a patch this week to address “a lot of issues.”

As for why the game shows ‘0 Players Online’, they said, “Daily Reminder that our population statistics are temporarily disabled, so don’t panic if you see 0 Players Online.” This was done in an effort to reduce the server load.

Asked about their progress with the PS4 overheating issue, they replied, “You have an early-generation PS4? We have found that it occurs on older machines. But yeah, we will continue to make optimizations.”

Finally, Psyonix said that a bug affecting Garage Item Stats will be fixed soon.

Have you unlocked the Platinum Trophy in Rocket League yet?

[Source: Rocket League (Twitter)]

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