No Man’s Sky Videos Tour New Planets, Explore the Planet Moncherev

Continuing their month-long coverage, IGN released a pair of new videos for No Man’s Sky, with the first one touring five new (and random) planets: Kushimasho, Imlyanovor-Kai, Habik-Ogan, Notogertasi, and Iiamchiame.

In the second video, IGN plays No Man’s Sky for about six minutes, with Hello Games Founder Sean Murray offering up tips and insight throughout as they explore the planet Moncherev:

As Murray explains during the video, the game rights your ship so you don’t crash into planets, and if you lose track of your ship while wandering around, you can press Square and follow the marker at the top of the screen to find your way back.

There’s still “so much more” to come from IGN’s First coverage of No Man’s Sky, so stay tuned for more news as it arrives.

No Man’s Sky releases in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with a release date announcement expected soon.

[Source: IGN (YouTube 1, 2)]