Next Rocket League Patch Will Fix Online Stat Tracking, 500km Trophy and More

In addition to addressing PlayStation 4 fan noise, terrible translations, and more, the upcoming first major patch for Rocket League will include a couple other fixes:

“BTW, important fix coming in our next patch: Stat tracking for online games will properly record for their correlating Garage items.”

“Another change in upcoming patch: Player’s Win/ Loss Ratio on the Stats page will now be displayed as a Win % instead (by popular demand).”

Asked why the Win % change doesn’t just show both numbers, Psyonix replied, “It’s the same number. We’re just changing the display language because the current setup confuses a lot of folks.”

As for the Far, Far Away Trophy where you have to drive 500km, they said, “There’s a bug with it. It isn’t the distance, it’s the tracking. Fixed in the upcoming patch.” This fix will also ensure distance is tracked while playing online.

Meanwhile, a flag update may be included in the next Rocket League update, but Psyonix is “seeing what kind of time we have. If not, update after that.”

Something coming down the road is cross-platform private matches:

They can do that now, actually. [PS4 and PC] share the player pool. Future update will have a cross-platform private match-type thing.

As well, Psyonix said, “One of the things we find exciting: Millions of Rocket League players and there are still secrets that no one seems to have found yet.” One of these secrets appears to be seeing the Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars logo in the start menu:

Have you discovered any easter eggs with Rocket League?

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