Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Version Will Soon Be Available in the Capcom Pro Tour

When Ultra Street Fighter IV released on the PlayStation 4 back in May, it had quite a few things wrong with it, causing Capcom to pull it from the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour. However, after a few patches, Capcom has deemed the PS4 version of USIV worthy of the Capcom Pro Tour.

In a post on the official Capcom blog, it was revealed that the lag in the PS4 version of USFIV is on par with the Xbox 360 version, making it acceptable for use in the Pro Tour. However, the event will continue to use the PS3 version until the PS4 version of the fighting game releases in Asia, which Capcom mentioned will be happening soon.

And, speaking of Street Fighter, Capcom has just confirmed that the Street Fighter V beta won’t support PS3 fighting sticks. However, Capcom mentioned that it is still looking into the possibility of having the fighting sticks usable when Street Fighter V releases next year.

[Source: GamesBeat, Capcom]