Street Fighter V Beta Starts Today, Includes Random Matches Only & Daily Maintenance

Set to begin later today at 6pm PT/9pm ET exclusively on PlayStation 4, the Street Fighter V beta is accessible by entering the code you received from retailers or through the PlayStation Store if you pre-ordered the digital version.

Giving out some important details ahead of the beta, Capcom reminded everyone that Ryu, Chun-Li, M.Bison, and Nash will be the only fighters available at launch, with Birdie and Cammy added on Saturday so they can test out their content delivery system. After getting to the selection screen, they suggest practicing scenarios and configuring buttons while in the grid, as you won’t be able to do so before battle.

For this particular beta, you won’t be able to invite friends into matches (all matches are chosen at random), and share functionality will be disabled as well.

In addition to matches being chosen at random, you may also be matched up with anyone in the world, but Capcom explains that this will be different in the full game:

As players wait in the grid, we will match players up with opponents. Please note that there’s a possibility of being matched with opponents ANYWHERE in the world during this beta. This is NOT how the final product will function, as we are still working on our location tracking/match making algorithm. The purpose of this test is to get a large variety of different connections globally, so we can use that data to refine our systems.

To help with performance during the beta, the Street Fighter V servers will be down for daily maintenance from 11pm – 1am PT.

“For those wondering about Fight Money and experience points, those are placeholder at the moment and do not affect the experience,” Capcom says. They later added, “For all of those who participate in the beta, Capcom would like to thank you for participating in history and helping us make sure that Street Fighter V will be the greatest fighting game ever made!”

After playing the beta, you can take a survey (North America, Europe) and leave feedback in this thread.

[Source: Capcom]