Rocket League Passes Five Million Downloads, Patch 1.03 Will Include Upgraded Items

Available for free through PlayStation Plus until next week, Rocket League has now passed five million downloads across PlayStation 4 and PC, developer Psyonix announced today:

AMAZING! More than 5 MILLION downloads since we launched on July 7! Your continued support for our game is truly humbling. Thank you.

If you’re one of the people waiting for patch 1.03 in Rocket League to fix some of the issues, Psyonix said it’s “still in test,” meaning its planned release of this week could be delayed. In the meantime, they confirmed that 1.03 will include an upgraded Cherry Top that now spins:

Additionally, the Propeller Hat will spin as a result of 1.03 and the misspelling of ‘headphones’ in the audio settings will be fixed.

Then, in 1.04, Psyonix will give everyone free skull rims as an apology for the server issues at launch, with the ability to better tell PC and PS4 players apart coming in the future.

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