One Upon Light to Hit Western Markets Later This Year

Do you remember One Upon Light? The Singapore-developed game made by SUTD Game Lab, which we covered at GameStart late last year? If you think the game looked interesting then, you’ll be glad to know that the title will be hitting Western markets later this year.

Set to be published by Rising Star Games for an October release, One Upon Light is a unique puzzle game that sees the player use light and darkness to accomplish tasks.

Game Features:

– Top-down puzzle gameplay sees you using the unique properties of light and shadow to explore and overcome obstacles

– Use switches, blocks, carts and other techniques to create shadows, blocking out the light that will otherwise end your adventure…

– Employ the power of the Shadow Echo to ‘record’ shadows as they appear, then use them to progress even if the real shadow vanishes

– Visually charming and inspired by classic black and white cartoons, One Upon Light is a true test of skill, brains and photophobia.

You can also check out our exclusive chat with SUTD Game Lab from last year here

What do you think of the game so far? Are you intrigued enough to give it a try come this October?