Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLC Arrives in August With New Cars, Trophies & More

July 30, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Adding new content and Trophies, developer Psyonix has confirmed that the Supersonic Fury DLC pack for Rocket League will arrive in early August for $3.99/€3.99.

Marketing VP Jeremy Dunham talked about Supersonic Fury:

[…] The Supersonic Fury DLC Pack includes two brand new Battle-Cars: the over-the-top American muscle car Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer Takumi. Both of these vehicles offer six different Decals for Garage customization (12 total) and are only available for play in the DLC.

Besides the new Battle-Cars, the DLC Pack also includes two all-new Rocket Boosts (“Nitrous” and “Burnout”), two new Wheel sets (the soccer ball-themed “Cristiano” and the very-cool “Spinner” set), five all-new Paint Types (“Brushed Metal,” “Carbon Fiber,” “Metallic Pearl,” “Pearlescent,” and “Wood”), and a handful of new Trophies.

Presumably around the same time as Supersonic Fury, and after patch 1.03, Psyonix will release a free content update that adds the first new map, Utopia Coliseum, more than 70 new country flags, and the requested Spectator Mode.

A little further down the road, Psyonix will add updated Goal explosions and Demolitions in a free update, along with the new song Firework from Hollywood Principle.

Will you be buying Supersonic Fury?

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