Defenders of Ekron Mixes Adventure & Shoot-Em-Up Elements This Holiday on PS4

Set for release in Holiday 2015 on PlayStation 4, Defenders of Ekron from In Vitro Games mixes the story and gameplay of an adventure game with the mechanics of a classic shoot-em-up.

As Scriptwriter Karen Ramírez Salgado explained, you play as Eneas, a young cadet of the Petra Martial Institute that has trained his whole life to pilot his Anakim, a mech that absorbs the energy around it and transforms it into a special ability, called Isvará.

Salgado continues:

During Eneas’ exam to become a pilot, something goes wrong and he doesn’t develop an Isvará. That’s why, when a civil war threatens to burst, Eneas will join an experimental program to help protect his nation.

Fight with a 360 degree shooting range and explore vast scenarios with the Anakim’s Navigation and Map modes. Discover hidden clues with the Analysis mode and learn new Combat modes, such as pyromancy, dashing, sword fighting, and electromagnetism. Make your way through endless enemies and face Ekron’s most wanted criminals: The Renegades, a group of Anakim pilots that are trying to destroy the planet and find out why Eneas is the only one who can stop them.

Defending Ekron with the game’s “innovative gameplay system,” Salgado teases that there are dark secrets waiting to come out and the light between right and wrong will slowly fade.

[Source: PS Blog]