Gauntlet: Slayer Edition out Today, Here’s the Launch Trailer and Features

Remember Gauntlet? It’s getting a new-gen makeover with Gauntlet: Slayer Edition and is being released today for the PlayStation 4.

Basically, it’s a dungeon-crawler which means if you like games like Diablo, then chances are, you’ll like Gauntlet. 

Enough chatter from me. Go watch the launch trailer above, and read on below for the game’s new features since its PC launch in 2014.

Since the first launch in 2014, Gauntlet has received many improvements. The key points we have addressed are Hero depth, gameplay variation, and overall richer visuals. Below you can find a full list of all the new features and updates to existing ones.


New Hero Weapon Abilities and Customization

Heroes can now change their special abilities (the ones represented by the big shiny icon in your HUD with a cooldown) by equipping different weapons. Each Hero has a total of four weapons that alter their abilities.

  • For the Warrior and Valkyrie this means swapping out their Special Ability (Spin attack & Shield Throw) for another type of attack.
  • For the Necromancer this means swapping out her summoning ability for another one (like summon archers or summon ghosts).
  • For the Elf, this means giving him two new abilities — a new bomb, as well as a new bomb shot ability.
  • For the Wizard, this means swapping out one of his schools of magic (fire, lightning, or ice) for another one, giving him three new abilities.

New Unique Potion Abilities for each Hero

All Heroes start with one potion ability unique to them, and can unlock two more in the shop (this replaces one of the Relic-slots, so players can now only carry one Relic).

Potion abilities are massive, high-impact abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

More use of Relics

Relics no longer cost potions to use, but are instead limited by a cooldown. This means that players get to use their relic more often, making them a bigger part of how you play.

The functionality of some relics has been changed, for balancing-and-fun reasons.


New Monster Types

There are a couple of new Monster types lurking in the Gauntlet.

Improved Monster Visuals, Audio and Abilities

Several monsters have gotten updated models, textures, and animations, as well as updated abilities and changes to behaviour.


New Game Mode: Endless

A mode where you fight your way through procedurally generated floors, trying to get as far (and as rich) as you can.

Colosseum Becomes a Daily Challenge

There will be one Colosseum arena available to play at any given time.

It changes every day, and each arena has a cape that can be unlocked by beating it, as well as a gold reward for beating it for the first time that day.

These will still be the same arenas as the old Colosseum and the same Capes, giving new players a chance to earn the Capes from past seasons.

New Campaign Map

The Hub Room has been replaced by a Campaign Map, letting players choose freely between levels that they have unlocked.

Improved Environment Visuals

Campaign levels and procedural floors have had major art improvements, making environments more varied and diverse.

New Loadout / Shop

The in-game Shop has been replaced by a Loadout in the Lobby / Character Select Screen. This allows all four local players to customize their Heroes simultaneously and streamlines customization to be included in all game modes.

Difficulty Rebalancing

Reduced number of difficulty settings from four to three (removed the easiest difficulty, leaving the old “Hard” difficulty as the new “Normal”).

There are now Skull Coins to find and pick up in the levels.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is available now for $19.99 and is developed by Arrowhead Studios (Helldivers).

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]