Battlefield Hardline Legendary Status Announced

Ever wanted Call of Duty’s Prestige system to make its way into the Battlefield franchise?  If you do, then you’re in luck, as Battlefield Hardline Legendary Status is now a thing.

Same as with Call of Duty’s Prestige progression, the Battlefield Hardline Legendary Status “Super Feature” will show off just how hardcore and awesome you are at Battlefield Hardline. Legendary benefits are mostly cosmetic, so don’t expect to get a super gun or something by undertaking the challenge.

Legendary Status is comprised of 15 levels, which translates to hundreds of hours of playtime to earn the max rank. Players who earn a Legendary rank will get an exclusive Killcard. Do keep in mind that becoming Legendary will mean that you have to reset your progress on your unlocks on weapons and gadgets (yep, weapon attachments included), even those earned via Battlepacks. What will remain untouched are:  emblems, patches, camos, unopened Battlepacks, and weapons received from pre-order bonuses and shortcut kits. To help in unlocking your gear, players will “receive a slight boost to all cash earned in your Legendary ranks, meaning that each new rank gets you slightly more cash (but not much).”

Lastly, you will need to own the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion if you want to access the Legendary Status tier. 

Will you undertake the journey to become Legendary? And should this feature be in every Battlefield game or would you rather it stay in Call of Duty?

[Source: Battlefield]