Destiny: The Taken King’s Ghost Shells Will Offer Buffs

After learning that Destiny: The Taken King will change the way leveling up works in the core game, and after learning that it will introduce all new gear,  it has now been revealed that Ghost shells will add buffs, and Xur will sell a new item.

Thanks to Game Informer‘s lengthy hands-on preview with the upcoming chunk of Destiny DLC, it is now known that The Taken King will actually make Ghost shells useful, instead of just being cosmetic. When the expansion launches on  September 15, players will be able to collect Ghost shells that offer buffs, such multiplying the amount of experience points received after killing certain enemies.

It was also revealed that Xur will be selling the Three of Coins when the The Taken King comes out, an item that boosts a player’s chance of finding an exotic weapon after defeating a boss. That sounds like it could be useful, but let us known your thoughts on the new bits of Destiny: The Taken King information in the comments section below.

[Source: Game Informer via Eurogamer]