Destiny: The Taken King Will Add New Gear, Making Year-Old Gear Feel Obsolete

Destiny: The Taken King is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should start looking around for powerful gear to prepare for its arrival.

When The Taken King releases in September, it will bring with it a whole bunch of powerful new weapons and armor. These new pieces of gear will provide new perks and better attack and defense values than Year-One gear provides, making the older stuff feel obsolete, especially since the Year-One gear won’t be getting a power-up. Creative Director Luke Smith told Game Informer that he believes players are ready to get their hands on some of this new gear.

I definitely feel like some of our players are ready to play with some new toys. And we’ve built a whole bunch of new toys. There are definitely some weapons that you are going to find better versions of – there’s going to be something that replaces that sniper rifle that you love.

What types of armor and weapons are you hoping will be brought into Destiny: The Taken King?

[Source: Game Informer]