Street Fighter V Beta Receives 1.2GB Update Today, More Beta News Coming “Soon”


The official Street Fighter Twitter account has confirmed that today was just an internal stress test and the beta hasn’t actually started up again:

Original Story:

Earlier today, a new update for the Street Fighter V beta went live on PlayStation 4.

Weighing in at 1.2GB, the Update History says it “Improved Login Process” and “Optimized Matchmaking Logic,” leading many to believe the beta would restart soon, following its failed launch in July.

According to some users on NeoGAF and Twitter, the Street Fighter V beta is actually up and running again right now, but the game’s official Twitter account hasn’t said anything and the game’s official website still says the beta servers are “offline.”

We’ll keep an eye on any updates from Capcom about the beta.

Have you been able to use the Street Fighter V beta today?

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