Bungie Warns Against Playing With Cheaters in Destiny, Announces The Taken King Stream Schedule

Earlier this month, Bungie warned Destiny players of heavy consequences including permanent bans if they were caught cheating, and it seems like the developer’s crackdown has had an impact on those who were playing alongside cheaters as well. In its latest weekly update, Bungie’s Security Response Team has said that if players aren’t involved in cheating but have members of their Fireteam doing it, they’re likely to be caught up in the “dragnet we have weaved to ensnare them.” The note states:

Please be advised that you are the company you keep. If a cheater is a member of your Fireteam, you may well get caught up in the dragnet we have weaved to ensnare them. Be suspicious if someone guarantees you a flawless run in Trials of Osiris. No matter how skilled the player, victory in the Crucible can’t be guaranteed. Be extra careful of people advertising their services, especially for a fee.

Bungie further outlined its policy of dealing with cheaters, stating that temporary restrictions are imposed on disruptive players, and they’re given a week or two to “reform.” Repeat offenders can be restricted for months, and in extreme cases, banned permanently. 

If you’re one of those who have an unstable internet connection, you may not be considered a “worthy adversary,” according to Bungie. 

It may happen that you’ll be temporarily restricted from Crucible activities until your Internet connection improves. We only make these types of Restrictions in the most extreme cases, so don’t be concerned about the periodic Internet lag that is common to everyone.

Finally, the Security Response Team clarified that it detects cheaters by analyzing player statistics and the reports it receives. Refuting claims of handing out bans and restrictions on a whim, Bungie said that results of the analysis are “manually verified” before deciding on an appropriate punishment where applicable. 

In other news, Bungie has announced that it will be holding Twitch live streams this month ahead of The Taken King‘s launch, which will address players’ questions about the upcoming expansion alongside sharing new information. The full schedule is as follows:


How will your own personal highlights from the first year of Destiny translate to the second? What will your Guardian’s lifestyle be like in the new and improved Tower? How will your Guardian become a more powerful snowflake over the course of your next journey? Is it true that Character Level and Light will rise in exciting new ways? All will be revealed and explained.


What’s it like to infiltrate the Dreadnaught? What surprises do the Taken have for us in combat? How are boss battles different in The Taken King? Join us for a new Strike against a rival Cabal invasion force. See the new Guardian sub-classes in action. Witness the action that will begin Year Two.


What mysteries lie in wait within the cavernous hull of the Dreadnaught? How can Guardians plunder the treasures secreted away in its hideous labyrinth? Come along with us on a Patrol of the newest destination in your Director. Learn how Guardians can instigate Public Events. Behold the challenges and the rewards that await you on board the capital ship commanded by Oryx.

You can catch the streams on Bungie’s Twitch channel here.

Destiny: The Taken King will be out on September 15 for PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. To learn more about the expansion and what it brings, click here.

[Source: Bungie]