Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Include Big Hero 6, Continues the Events of the Movie

At D23 Expo 2015 this past weekend, Square Enix and Disney Interactive announced that the characters and world of Big Hero 6 are coming to Kingdom Hearts 3.

With the Big Hero 6 content, Sora and his Disney companions will head to San Fransokyo, home of the robot Baymax, continuing the events of the 2014 movie.

After saying the Big Hero 6 characters will be an integral part of Kingdom Hearts 3, Producer Roy Conli then talked about the parallels between the two:

Big Hero 6 is such a special film for me – and we always made sure that each action sequence had a very special meaning. The themes in Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 match very well. For instance there’s friendship, really important to both stories, and then of course light over darkness.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though there still isn’t a release window.

What other worlds do you hope Square Enix adds to Kingdom Hearts 3?