Now Loading…Until Dawn Reviews and Reception

In this latest Now Loading feature, the PlayStation LifeStyle staff talks about Supermassive Games’ first PlayStation 4 game, Until Dawn, and how it’ll fare critically, as well as commercially.

Do we think it’ll be a massive hit for Sony? How will gamers react to this type of game? Will it see good sales numbers due to its timely release window? All that and more are discussed in the gallery below.

Of course, this is all guesses on our end and we don’t know for sure just how people will react to the slasher/horror game. What do you think? Will Until Dawn be a hit among reviewers or will they not “get it?” On the commercial front, will it sell enough to warrant a sequel or for Sony to take more risks like these? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned to our Until Dawn review coming up early next week.

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