Multiplayer Stab-Em-Up Thief Town Coming to PS4 in September

Released last year on PC, Thief Town from Glass Knuckle Games is a PlayStation 4 console-exclusive launching on September 29 in North America and “soon” in Europe.

A “local multiplayer stealth party game for 2-4 players,” Thief Town’s Thief Town mode was explained by Marketing Director James Johnston:

You and your friends play as the Thieves, who need to sneak around the Town to try and stab the other players. The only problem is, every player looks exactly alike. Not only that, but the Town is also filled with identical-looking computer-controlled Thieves. You’ve got to disguise yourself in the crowd while figuring out which Thieves are actually your friends. Once you find ’em, stab ’em! Get points and win the game!

You can’t just go around stabbing everyone in Thief Town. You’ll only get points by stabbing the other players. If you stab an NPC, the only thing you’ll do is reveal yourself! So be sneaky and make that first stab count, because that harmless Thief behind you might just be another player…

In the full game you’ll find two arenas (Wild West and Spooky Town), tons of items, PS4-exclusive features (stab the touchpad with your finger to stab your friends in the game), and these two other modes:

  • Spy Town gives players items to trick and trap enemy Thieves before going in for the kill. Use smoke bombs, motion detectors, and teleportation devices to gain an advantage… but be careful, they’re one-use only!
  • Drunk Town is a 1v3 round where one player becomes “The Sheriff,” whose job is to sniff out and shoot those pesky Thieves with his pistol. Too bad the Thieves don’t have their knives this time — they’ll just have to behave until time or the Sheriff’s bullets run out!

Johnston adds, “The team at Glass Knuckle Games has been working really hard to ensure that couch multiplayer remains alive and well, so be sure to grab Thief Town if your parties are lacking some healthy, sneaky competition.”

A price wasn’t given for Thief Town, though the Steam version does retail for $3.99.

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]