Former Burnout Devs Say First PS4, Xbox One, and PC Game Coming in Spring of 2016

Three Fields Entertainment, the fairly new game studio that is being directed by former Burnout developer Alex Ward, has just announced on Twitter that its first PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game is set to come out sometime in the spring of 2016.

There aren’t too many details on the title out right now, but Ward did hint that it might be a racing game earlier in the year. However, on the company’s website, a mysterious description of the game mentions that it “isn’t a driving or a racing game,” but instead is “an innovative twist on a sports game that’s fast.”

This first game isn’t a driving or racing game though.

It’s an original new game – an innovative new twist on a sports game that’s fast, funny and heavy on social multiplayer.

Meanwhile, another post on Twitter revealed that more information on the title should be coming out soon.

What type of game do you think Three Fields Entertainment is working on?

[Source: Three Fields Entertainment, Three Fields Entertainment (Twitter]