Battlefield Hardline’s Robbery Expansion Launches Next Week for Premium Members

The second of four expansion packs coming to Battlefield Hardline, EA and Visceral announced today that Robbery is releasing on September 16 for Premium members, meaning everyone else will be able to purchase it separately on September 30.

With the new maps and mode designed “to let criminal teams plan and execute the perfect heist; or, for law enforcement, to get the crooks in cuffs before they can pull it off,” here’s what’s included in Robbery:

  • Four expansive maps: The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7
  • New 5v5 game mode: Squad Heist
  • 4 new weapons
  • 2 new gadgets
  • 2 new factional vehicles and new vehicle upgrades
  • New camos and vehicle paints
  • The Legendary Super Feature

If you’re curious about Squad Heist, EA says, “This mode combines the combat of Battlefield with the intimate fantasy of a classic heist. It’s a multi-stage mode, where criminals need to grab a drill, break into two vaults, grab the loot, and escape – all with the cops breathing down their neck.”

After the Robbery expansion launches, Getaway will release in Fall 2015, with Betrayal in early 2016.

Are you excited for Robbery?

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