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TGS 2015 – Danganronpa Fun as Ever on PlayStation VR

[Author’s Note: See below for detailed explanation of personal factors. I feel this is important for any writer discussing hands-on time with this, because the physical effects of VR and 3D experiences can vary widely from person to person.]

My first choice for PlayStation VR (until recently “Project Morpheus”) was an easy one. I went with Danganronpa, because the idea of a 3D Monokuma was too good to pass up. I was plunked into the middle of a trial, where words would come up on the field in front of me. I pointed with the DualShock 4 and fired a word rocket at them.


Correct selections advanced things, and I could guess which ones were correct thanks to a percentage estimate on a screen that hovered above my DualShock 4. What I mean is, I could see the contorller within the VR courtroom, and it had a screen that flipped out of it like a laptop. I made several goofs, however, because I panicked and fired at the wrong things, or missed. I knew to wait for something with higher than 80% accuracy, but couldn’t resist shooting at whatever moved. I was in there to have fun, results be damned, so I had to launch things at characters and stuff, right?

Eventually, Monokuma bulldozed the courtroom and I fell through the floor and rode through some set pieces, culminating in my being crushed. Everything looked bright and smooth, with good-quality visuals based on great artwork.


During one part, Monokuma was right in front of me explaining the situation. It was really neat to see the big round bear in full 3D. It looked much better with the headset on than it did in the trailer.

It was all the type of dark hilarity that Danganronpa has become known for, and I experienced no ill effects from the VR end of it. If you end up getting PlayStation VR, Danganronpa comes as a recommended addition, based on my TGS play.

Full disclosure about my vision. I’ve had eye surgery, and while my vision is a dope-ass 20/15, I tend to get headaches with almost anything 3D. I don’t know if the two are related, I can only anecdotally tell you it wasn’t that way when I was a kid and played Virtual Boy.

Amusement park attractions that use 3D visuals and the 3DS gives me an instant headache that sticks around. Maybe you’re fine, maybe not, but either way, the point is that you should know that about my play report for anything 3D. Most writeups won’t detail the author’s own personal vision history, but I feel they should, because of how different everyone is.

As indicated above, I did not have any issues with the VR version of Danganronpa.