Square-Off – The Destiny Argument

Welcome to the very first “Square-Off” where staff members talk about a game they’re fans of, and argue its merits against another staff member that’s not a fan.

For Square-Off’s debut, Ben Tarrant and Chandler Wood take a long hard look at Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny. It’s been the topic of much conversation, dividing online communities and sparking a seemingly never ending onslaught of memes. It was heralded as the game of the century, bridging the gap between many different genres in a ac-fi hotpot while delivering a strong and connected social world.

So, hot on the tail of Destiny’s Year Two expansion, The Taken King, we take a critical and retrospective look back on Year One and its many perks and pitfalls analyzing some of the main pillars of the Destiny experience – Story, the infamous Loot System and The Crucible’s PvP and deciding whether or not Destiny delivered.

Square-Off is a recurring feature where PlayStation LifeStyle staff members defend or attack a recent title, putting its positives and negatives under the microscope for the world to see.