PlayStation VR, Staged Romance, Old Men in Schoolgirl Uniforms, and a Giant Friggin’ Airship – Tokyo Game Show Podcast 1 of 2

The Tokyo Game Show was huge. And exhausting. In this podcast, we talk about the most unique stuff at the show, beginning with PlayStation VR and then moving to some patently Japanese stuff, like a kabe-don experience and a game in which you hunt old men to give them girly makeovers. And then the mobile game that ended up with the show’s most impressive booth.

You can download the MP3 if you wanna slap this thing on your music player of choice, or stream it with the YouTube embed above. Contents:

1:00 – PlayStation VR. The good, the bad, and the motion sick.

(Danganronpa, Summer Lesson, Final Fantasy XIV)

18:30 – Kabe-DON!

(Love games letting you meet a real live prince at TGS)

35:15 – A game that could only happen in Japan.

44:00 – Somehow, the most elaborate booth was a damn mobile game.

In the follow-up episode, we’ll talk about the big games we played, such as Phantasy Star Online 2 and Gravity Rush moving from Vita to PS4, Star Ocean 5, Metal Gear Online, then give out some arbitrary awards and all that good stuff.

If you have any TGS questions, ask ’em here and if we get them before recording, we’ll try and answer them. Thanks for listening.