Free Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC Pack Arrives This Fall, Adds New Map

Following the addition of Night Operations last month, EA and DICE have announced that a free Battlefield 4 DLC pack, titled Community Operations, is releasing in fall 2015.

Separate from the upcoming Fall Update, Battlefield 4 Community Operations includes Operation Outbreak, the map created alongside the community. Here’s what DICE had to say about the upcoming map:

Enter the dense jungle to battle for supremacy in a valley with a medical research facility, an ancient temple, and a lush waterfall. The valley is infantry-focused with limited access, making the use of agile vehicles (such as RHIB’s on the river, quad bikes for fast transportation, and light attack vehicles) critical for success.

A release window wasn’t given for the free DLC pack, but more details about Battlefield 4 Community Operations and Operation Outbreak are set to arrive “in the coming weeks.”

The above trailer is a “first look, sneak peek of the upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC from DICE playtest sessions.”

[Source: Battlefield Blog]