Secret Destiny Mission Found, Offers Up Unique Grimoire Cards

Another mission inside a mission has been found in Destiny, and although this one doesn’t reward any powerful Exotics that we know of, it does offer up some unique grimoire cards.

While taking on the daily heroic mission called Paradox, players are able to find three hidden Ghost shells in the Vault of Glass. If they find all three, then a secret mission becomes available that enables players to learn more about Praedyth. YouTuber tassssssssss created a series of four videos that act as a walkthrough for the secret mission, which can be seen below.

The three first videos show you how to get the three hidden Ghost shells. Here’s how to get the first one:

And here is number two:

Now off to number three:

The last video shows you how to get through a hidden door and find the special Cult Ghost, which can be traded in at the Tower, all while learning more about Praedyth:

Be sure to let us know if you manage to complete this secret mission in Destiny, and if you find any other secrets in the game.

[Source: Reddit, tassssssssss (YouTube) via Kotaku]