Star Wars Battlefront Beta Runs at 900p/50-60fps on PS4, According to Analysis

With the Star Wars Battlefront beta open today, Digital Foundry has revealed that it runs at 900p on PlayStation 4, with frame-rate (see video) ranging from 50-60 frames-per-second. Game Revolution, meanwhile, says the Xbox One resolution is 720p, putting the beta in line with this year’s Battlefield: Hardline.

In their analysis, Digital Foundry says the game “targets 60fps and hits this number for the most part. Running across the tundra of the Assault Walker stage, it feels buttery smooth at this refresh, with no noticeable drops.” While fighting in an interior base though, alpha effects cause the game to drop to around 50fps as grenades and missiles explode.

The beta build is a big improvement over the pre-alpha build at E3, with that one dropping to 40fps and below, while “the worst we see in this latest beta build is a more solid 50fps. Even in controlling giant AT-AT vehicles with the full chaos of the map in view, gameplay sticks between 50-60fps in this latest beta build.”

Out of all three game modes, “the Hoth map is very much the worst case scenario” on PS4 due to its massive battles, while performance is “much better rounded” on Sullust and Tatooine.

Since Star Wars Battlefront isn’t out until November 17, there’s still time for DICE to further optimize the game.

[Source: Eurogamer, Game Revolution]