Voice Actors Vote Overwhelmingly to Strike

With the vote ending on October 6 for voice actors, SAG-AFTRA announced that 96.52% of members voted in favor of the Interactive Media Agreement Strike Authorization Referendum.

This doesn’t mean the voice actors will go on strike immediately though, with SAG-AFTRA saying:

It is important to note that the referendum result does not mean that members are on strike, rather, it gives the National Board the authority to declare a strike. A 75% “yes” vote was required to give the National Board that authority.

For now, the Negotiating Committee will try to return to the bargaining table and push for a fair resolution to a new Interactive Media Agreement, with the previous one expired on December 31, 2014. Bargaining sessions were held in February and June of this year but failed to amount to anything.

“After the strike authorization vote,” the FAQ says, “we will ask the employers to sit down and negotiate one more time before escalating.”

SAG-AFTRA is looking to obtain performance bonuses for voice actors if titles sell millions of copies, vocal stress compensation, a stunt coordinator on set for rigorous sequences, and transparency on their projects.

[Source: SAG-AFTRA via Game Informer]