P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road’s Creepy Forest Environment Unveiled

With ten days left to fund the project, Lilith Ltd. has unveiled the dark, creepy forest environment in its survival horror game, Allison Road. In the gameplay videos seen so far, we’ve seen a house that players can explore but beyond that lies a forest that has a “very intricate connection” to the game’s story. Speaking to IGN, Project Lead Chris Kesler said that when players are in the house, they’ll want to get out, but when they’re outside, they’ll want to run back inside to safety. 

The exterior environments (for example the forest) actually have a very intricate connection to Allison Road’s story that we think will be really fun to piece together. The story just really lends itself to be told in contrasting settings and what better way to perceptually open up the quite confined space of the house, than to set it in a proper outdoor environment? While you are in them you’ll encounter a quite different type of horror/terror of course, since these environments allow for a different kind of game design.

We think it’ll be quite interesting; When you are in the house all you want is to get out, when you are out all you want is to get back into the ‘safety’ of the house.

Kesler went on to say that a forest is naturally a scary place to be considering that you’re not necessarily alone even if you can’t see anything else, and you’re surrounded by a plethora of uncanny shapes and sounds. “We really want to play with audio/visual queues, your imagination, and primal fears like threat to your life, isolation, abandonment, etc.,” he said. 

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Kesler also revealed that when Lilith began developing Allison Road, there was no word of Silent Hills’ cancellation, and that the team was simply developing a game that they would like to play. It wasn’t until eight months into development that news of Silent Hills’ cancellation broke. 

For its part, Lilith wants to help take the horror genre back to where it used to be, with more story-driven and atmospheric games and “less focus on action, jump scares and gore.”

So far, Allison Road has only managed to raise £142,271 of its £250,000 goal. If successfully funded, the game will first come to PC in 2016, followed by console releases. 

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[Source: IGN]