Full Star Wars Battlefront Game to Have a “Heck of a Lot More” Guns Than Beta Version

Well, the Star Wars Battlefront beta is over, but since the game will be fully releasing next month, you might want to take a look at this list of game tips:

Battlefront Tip List

The list, seen above, contains images of all the in-game tips that popped up during the beta. While some of them are a bit obvious, others might offer up some helpful information for you to use next month.

In other Battlefront news, it was revealed on Twitter by Community Manager Sledgehammer70 that there will be many more guns in the full game than what was presented in the beta.

Meanwhile, EA’s Star Wars Twitter account revealed that there will be four locations for Walker Assault, not just the one on Hoth.

Are you happy to know that there will be more weapons in Star Wars Battlefront when it comes out next month? Does that list of tips help at all?

[Source: Imgur, EA Star Wars (Twitter), Sledgehammer70 (Twitter) via WCCF Tech]