Bungie Responds to 18GB Destiny PS4 Update, Isn’t Planning on Selling King’s Fall Buffs for Silver

When Destiny update 2.0.1 went live yesterday, many PlayStation 4 users reported that their system downloaded an 18GB file labelled as update 1.17, only to have it be corrupted upon completion.

In a post on their forums, Bungie addressed the 18GB download issue:

Thank you for your report of this issue. We are actively investigating why some players on the PlayStation 4 are being required to re-download the full 18 GB patch history. We are also aware that this patch may be showing up as Patch 1.17 on the console instead of Patch 2.0.1, this appears to be the client version of the patch number. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please continue your download.

Shortly afterwards, they updated the post to add this information from players:

If you are encountering a ‘corrupted data’ error message, you may want to stop your download, clear your console cache, and then restart the download.

Some players are reporting that while the download says it’s a full 18 GB, it actually only downloading today’s small patch. This is the expected behavior for PlayStation 4 downloads. However, we are still investigating the reports from some players that they are being required to re-download the full 18 GB.

Bungie hasn’t update the topic since yesterday, but you can check out the thread over here.

Also with update 2.0.1, players discovered new items through data-mining, such as King’s Fall raid armor buffs and weapon drops, which they believe might be added as micro-transactions at some point, in addition to the new paid emotes.

Clearing up any concerns about the buffs, Destiny: The Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith said:

We aren’t (nor are we planning) on selling consumables that buff King’s Fall drop rates for Silver.

Smith then talked about Nightfall Rewards:

Nightfall Rewards can be underwhelming. Runes/low # of coins/no reputation burst/weak legendaries all feel like losing. We’re gonna fix it.

Do you think the Destiny micro-transactions will extend past emotes in the future?

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