Until Dawn Update 1.03 Is Over 10.4GB, Fixes Progression Bug & More


The Until Dawn FAQ has updated to say update 1.03 addressed these issues:

  • I did not receive the Ashley Snaps trophy.
  • I did not receive The Exorcism Of Emily trophy.
  • I cannot invert the Y-axis controls for the right stick.
  • The game crashes when using the Episode Select menu.
  • The final Bonus Content movie at the end of the game didn’t unlock.
  • I’ve become stuck when Chris is in the Hanging Shed. Quit the game and then select Continue to carry on from a safe position.
  • I’ve become stuck when Ashley is in the tunnels to the Sanatorium. If your current save game is affected by this issue, it will be fixed after you reload the save game.
  • The sound has become slowed down and distorted in Episode 9.

Original Story:

Weighing in at a (super)massive 10.4GB, Until Dawn update 1.03 is live on PlayStation 4.

While developer Supermassive Games hasn’t updated their Until Dawn FAQ to detail exactly what’s included in the patch and why the file size is so big, the PS4’s Update History does tell us some of what’s included:

  • Fixes to prevent progression blocker in Episode 9 (including fix for existing save games suffering from the issue)
  • Option for inverted Y aiming controls added to Settings menu
  • Fixes for unlocking “Ashley Snaps” and “The Exorcism of Emily” trophies
  • Improved stability of Episode selection menu
  • Various bug fixes

If we hear anything from the developer about update 1.03, we’ll let you know.

In case you missed it, we recently had the chance to sit down with Supermassive Games, where they commented on the lack of a marketing push by Sony, revealed that a sequel is being talked about internally, and said there might be DLC if they come up with the right idea.

[Source: Reddit, Fran (Twitter)]