Star Wars Battlefront Q&A Confirms No Clan Support at Launch, Weapon Hub to Be Revealed Soon

While DICE recently concluded its super successful Star Wars Battlefront beta, a lot of questions still remain that have yet to be answered.

With that in mind, Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Matt Everette did a quick Q&A with fans and answered a few lingering questions, While some of the answers are stuff we already know, we’ve compiled some of the new ones and list them below.

Q: THE QUESTION EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW, Will there be a jedi/hero vs sith/villian mode like the other battlefront

A: Yes, we will offer both a Heroes vs. Villains mode and a Hero Hunt mode in our Multiplayer modes and you can play Hero Battles in our Missions offerings.

Q: Is there going to be clan support?

A: While we will not offer clan support at launch, we never like to rule anything out for the future.

Q: So there is no server browser, can I join a group of 5 or 6 friends and we all join the same server? Will we each go to our separate servers because we have different skill levels?

A: At launch you will be able to join up with seven of your friends to make a full party of eight players. You will all be able to join the same game and play with each other. Skill level will be measured as a whole with a party of eight.

Q: Splitscreen features (the full game, not the beta) Is that just for offline co-op mode, or is it also for online co-op and for competitive (versus) multiplayer?

A: Split-screen will only be available within our Star Wars Battlefront Mission modes and will allow you and one other friend to play with each other.

Q: will the star wars game have multiplayer modes that work with no internet completely offline also will future star wars games be steam game (say no please)

A: All of the Multiplayer modes within Star Wars Battlefront will require an online connection and will not be available offline.

Star Wars Battlefront for PC will only be Lailable through Origin.

Q: I have noticed through watching gameplay videos that the ATST takes a lot of damage from by enemy player blaster fire will the armour of the ATST be improved so it doesn’t take as much damage from ground units blaster fire?

A: We have some cool changes coming to the AT-ST from what you saw int e Beta. Stay tuned for those details.

Q: I really dont like that you have to buy the weapons and grenades. And pick ups just dont add to the game. Rocket launchers should be apart of your wepon choices. I dont like that you cant run out of ammo. And vehicles shouldnt need to be picked up. Like battlefield they should just be on the map. Those are my thoughts.

A: Not sure there is a question here, but I want to clear a few things up. You have only had a taste of the Weapons, Gadgets, Star Cards, and Traits available within Star Wars Battlefront. We have a lot of primary weapons and a nice mixed bag of everything else. We have a fairly cool Weapons hub that will be launched soon, so standby.

Q1: In ‘Walker Assault’ mode, the odds seem uneven. I’ve played it dozens of times now, and the rebels never win. It seems the AT-AT’s have a ridiculous amount of health and always make it to the end.

Q2: Sensitivy in the AT-ST’s and the planes are way too high on a console. Maybe it’s possible to put in an option to customize this.

A1.) This is a known issue within the Beta and is also a side effect of having weapons and Star Cards locked and not available within the Beta build. The balance within the final game will be addressed.

A2.) The team is looking into requests around this feature.

Q: Dear Dice team why don’t you have classes in your game?

A: The team built Star Wars Battlefront around the ability for you to make up your own class on how you like to play. While the Beta felt limiting, this was due to having only a few weapons and Star Cards etc… available.

Your concerns on the other items I fell will be alleviated once you see the full layout of Weapons, Star Cards, Traits etc…

Q: Has anyone else found it extremely annoying when in third person your crosshairs are aimed around a corner but you still hit the corner.
A: This is a known issue and the team is working to resolve it.
You can check out the full Q&A right here
For those worried that the final game will only have four guns and just a few Star Cards (and seriously, why would you think this?), stay tuned for the Star Wars Battlefront weapons hub soon. We’ll of course, report on it the moment we know more.
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[Source: EA Star Wars]