Sony’s Shahid Ahmad Teases PlayStation VR Support for Horror Game Allison Road

Back in July, Lilith Studios’ Christian Kesler revealed that the developer was looking into virtual reality support for its upcoming horror title, Allison Road. While it’s the Oculus Rift support that was originally being considered, Kesler did say that he was in talks with Sony at the time and that it was possible to bring the game to other VR devices. Now that Allison Road has been picked up by Team 17 and Lilith has the funding it requires, it seems that a PlayStation VR version of the game is quite possible. 

When a fan asked Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad on Twitter if Lilith could be sent PS VR devkits, Ahmad said, “what makes you think that hasn’t already happened?” While this isn’t a confirmation and is merely a tease, it won’t be a surprise if Ahmad is indeed hinting at something. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida previously said that the company has “many” unannounced PS VR games in the pipeline, but whether Allison Road is going to be one of them or not remains to be seen. 

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[Source: Shahid Ahmad (Twitter) via VR Focus]