Rocket League Update 1.07 Is Live on PS4 & PC, Includes Minor Changes

Less than a week after Psyonix gave us Rocket League update 1.06, they’ve now given us update 1.07, which is live on PlayStation 4 and PC.

A much smaller patch than usual, today’s Rocket League update is mostly focused on some minor changes, as the full list of patch notes reveal:

Changes and Updates


  • When a player’s Rank Points (RP) are well below average for their hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), bonus RP will be awarded for wins to better “trend” players towards their expected rank.


  • Improved UI functionality in post-game Ranked matches when receiving unlocks or attempting to chat

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the ball indicator would not appear in Beckwith Park (Stormy) when Render Detail was set below High Quality

This week in Rocket League, you’ll be able to buy some new Back to the Future DLC, with the limited-time Halloween-themed items available to unlock by simply completing matches.

[Source: Rocket League]