Super Rude Bear Resurrection Is a Beatable Hardcore PS4 Platformer Releasing in Early 2016

Developed by Alex Rose of Alex Rose Games, Super Rude Bear Ressurection is scheduled to release in early 2016 on PlayStation 4.

Wanting to fix the problem of people who love super hard platformers never managing to beat them, Rose created Super Rude Bear Resurrection, “a game that is arguably one of the hardest games ever to be released, but simultaneously playable by anyone.”

Rose explained that you’ll be using your corpses to succeed:

The solution was corpses — every time you die, your body stays behind, and you can use it as a shield you can push, or a platform, or to press down buttons. Each death is progress. Tricky spike that you really can’t get past? Next time round, there’s a cushiony corpse lying on it to protect you. Arrow trap too fast for you? Hide behind a corpse and shove it forwards.

Anyone can beat Super Rude Bear Resurrection, it just takes a little determination, and it’s not tedious. You don’t find yourself annoyed at dying, because you know you’re just one step closer to victory.

It’s not 100% decided if Super Rude Bear Resurrection will include a Platinum, but to unlock all the Trophies you will need to beat every level without dying. While the game is designed in a way where you never have to die, “99% of people probably will.”

To help make the game easier, the camera pans ahead of you “whenever there’s any doubt of your reactions being fast enough,” and you can also control your Fairy companion and explore the entire level before progressing.

Here’s the quick description for Super Rude Bear Resurrection:

Rude Bear’s been summoned back in time to a medieval England by his mortal nemesis, The Wizard. Join him as he (probably) dies his way through The Wizard’s many towers to escape. With a Grime/UK Hip-Hop soundtrack by Deeco.

Individual level leaderboards are planned, there will be a practice mode, and a PlayStation Vita version could happen, but nothing’s confirmed yet.

[Source: PS Blog]