Report: PlayStation Survey Asks About PSN Name Changes, PS2 Classics & Much More

According to a PlayStation survey obtained by NeoGAF user Saint of Killers, Sony is asking people what features they’d like to see added.

Here’s the options:

  • Notifications when friends come online
  • Filtering options in game libraries (e.g. installed only, download only, genre)
  • PS2 Classics
  • Download avatars on PS4
  • Folders
  • Custom backgrounds
  • PS1 Classics
  • Store wish list
  • ‘Appear offline’ mode
  • Increase max no. of people in a p arty
  • Hide/completely remove items from library (e.g. demos)
  • Change PSN ID
  • Delete items from your library
  • None of these

Additionally, even with PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.00 releasing last month, Sony is asking when you think update 4.00 will come out, ranging from “before the end of 2015” to “2017 or later.”

When asked about the legitimacy of the email, Saint of Killers added, “I was invited to join something called PlayStation Voice, a good number of months ago. They send surveys out for all sorts; potential game covers, TV and paper ads. Thoughts on new releases and even conferences. It’s not fake. I even volunteered to forward the email to a mod.”

To help make some of the new features a reality, head over to, where ‘Ability to change User ID’ is the 2nd most requested idea.

What feature would you like to see the most?

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