The Technomancer Trailer Offers a Narrated Look at Gameplay

Releasing in early 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, The Technomancer from Spiders Studio received a new trailer today titled First Contact, giving you a narrated look at gameplay and the world you’ll explore.

The description adds:

In the video, you’ll see Zachariah fighting and exploring throughout the markets and shanties of Noctis, one of the major cities in The Technomancer, where over a hundred years of separation from Earth, new cultures, clans, and super-powers formed throughout Mars, causing clashes and in-fighting across the red planet.

The three combat styles include Staff (long-ranged melee to hit multiple targets), Rogue with knife and gun (agile, mobile, with dodges, rolls, and effective CC with the gun), and Protection with mace and shield (Parry, block, and beat them to death with powerful attacks). Each of the styles can be imbued with electrical Technomancer powers, enhancing their damage.

In addition to a deep crafting system and ability tree, The Technomancer allows you to finish quests up to five different ways, with your choices affecting the story ending and relationships with companions opening new pathways and quests.