Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Is a Completely Standalone Game for PlayStation VR, Isn’t DLC

Developed exclusively for PlayStation VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a “completely standalone product” for PlayStation 4, Supermassive Games confirmed.

Speaking with VG247, Executive Producer Simon Harris cleared up any confusion by saying, “It’s not DLC, or anything like that. It’s its own product for PlayStation VR; it’s just set in the world of Until Dawn.”

Rush of Blood follows one of the characters from the Until Dawn universe as they descent into madness. During gameplay, you’ll notice familiar locations from Until Dawn, as well as “some things around the characters and other similar aspects.”

Confirming that “the whole thing is on-rails,” Harris discussed Rush of Blood’s length, saying, “You’re seeing a demo [at Paris Games Week] which is about seven minutes long. That’s about half of one of our levels, and there’ll be a good number of levels in the game.”

Development for Rush of Blood began while they were in the middle of Until Dawn, but it doesn’t have a release window yet. 

PlayStation VR, meanwhile, is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2016.

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