Kill Strain Private Access Code Giveaway Round 2!

Nope, you’re not imagining things. While we gave away 1,000 Kill Strain private access keys just the other day, it seems not everyone has been able to get a key. With that in mind, and with Sony San Diego wanting to the test the crap out of its game and servers, we’re once again doing another Kill Strain PS4 keys giveaway!

Everything else from the previous giveaway post still applies. You still need to redeem the codes via a US PlayStation 4 PSN, the schedule remains the same, too. One major difference with the old giveaway is that, this time, we’re giving away 3,000 codes!

Want to nab one? Just follow the instructions below and get one instantly!

The schedule as to when you’ll be able to access the Kill Strain servers can be seen below:

11/7/15: Noon-8pm PST

11/10/15: 5pm-8pm PST

11/12/15: 5pm-8pm PST

11/14/15: 5pm-8pm PST

Currently, there are two Kill Strain communities active on PS4. There’s “Kill Strain Team Mutant” and “Kill Strain Team Merc.” Players can, of course, promise their allegiance to whichever side they choose.

More Kill Strain Stuff on PSLS:

Make sure to check out the Private Access schedule and other relevant updates in the official Kill Strain forums. Those who want to know more about Kill Strain, or wasn’t fortunate to win a Private Access code, you can try visiting the official site for more details.