Star Wars Battlefront Weapons, Star Cards, Traits and Power Ups Complete List

While we already listed down the vehicles and Heroes available in Star Wars Battlefront, we still don’t know the exact number of weapons, Star Cards and other stuff that’s going to be present in the base game — at least until now.

Thanks to the Battlefront Companion App that was released yesterday, we’ve now listed all the Star Wars Battlefront weapons, Star Cards, Powerups and Traits that players will be able use in the base game (meaning you don’t need to avail of it Season Pass or any of its expansions to be able to use in-game).

By my count, there’s 11 weapons, 13 Star Cards, five Traits, and nine Power Ups, 10 vehicles, and six Heroes/Villains available at launch. Important to note that some Star Cards are essentially weapons but with cooldowns. 

For those Star Wars and/or first-person shooter fans picking this up next week, are you satisfied with the stuff listed above? What should DICE do in order to make it a meatier experience? Is this enough for a multiplayer-focused game? I gather, that depends on the person you ask. 

Stay tuned to our Star Wars Battlefront impressions and review, which is set to be published soon.

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